What is Reiki Energy?

It is believed by many that Reiki is the same type of Healing Jesus did and taught to his disciples.  However Reiki is not affiliated with any one religion, it is open to everyone.

It’s believed to have been re-discovered by a Mikao Usui in the early 1900’s in Japan while on a Buddhist retreat at the top of a mountain. It was commonly referred to in Japan as “The Reiki Cure”.

It is a process of awakening and allowing the Divine/God/Yahweh/Christ to work through us for ours and the good of others. It is said the more one practices Reiki the stronger the flow becomes, and more enlightened the practitioner can become.

So how did I become a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Energy Healer, Distant Healer?

Well let me start off by telling you a bit about myself (In case you’d like to know something about who you’d be learning from). To start, I’m a Jersey girl, born and raised. Growing up I was raised Catholic and even attended Catholic school. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Montclair State University in Art and Biology. I’m a Best Selling author of  “A Heavenly Presence”. Most of my adult life I’ve been a professional Belly Dancer and have worked with animals in some capacity or another (vet tech, wildlife rehabilitator, kennel manager, pet communicator, animal Reiki practitioner, and artist). Helping animals is definitely a passion in my life. And Oh yeah, there was that 7 year period I spent as a stockbroker at a small Princeton, NJ firm and eight years as an ACE certified personal fitness trainer.

So how did I get into Remote Healing, and Reiki training courses? Well, bit of a long story, but I’ll try to keep it short. Most of my life (since a teenager) I would go through “headache spells”, which would last maybe a month then disappear for maybe a year or so. I had given up on doctors helping me, because they never seemed to know what was causing them, and I was told by one, “I’m not saying your crazy, but women have a tendency to become hysterical, which then causes psycho-somatic symptoms”. I stopped going to doctors.

Well, by the time I was in my 30’s I found out I had a brain tumor. It was pretty big by now, told it must have been growing since I was a teenager. It had grown into my brainstem and needed to come out ASAP!

So I went in for conventional surgery.

Afterwards my face had been left twisted and paralyzed and my one eye produced no tears and was “stuck” wide open. Doctors told me if it didn’t recover with 1 year, it never would. They also told me I would never walk normally again without help.

Seven years later, after receiving spiritual energy sessions, my face suddenly straightened out and began moving more and my eye now produces tears. This is long after doctors said the muscles had all atrophied, 7 years.

Oh and by the way, I can still walk and dance, in fact check out my other site http://www.bellydancingchick.com
Those video lessons were completed July 2009.

So that’s my personal story, now for the credentials/resume’.

I am a Reiki Master trained in traditional Usui, Tibetan and Intentional Reiki. I have been a practitioner/teacher since 2002. I teach the three levels of Reiki. I have given talks on Reiki at Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center’s Happy Hearts support group as well as for New Jersey’s Seeing Eye, and St. Barnabas Hospital . I also trained as a Reiki hospice volunteer at JFK Hospital.

I’ve also conducted Reiki sessions on horses, dogs, cats, and birds. I am also a Certified Reconnective Healertm, and have studied other Spiritual energy techniques, while continuing to explore, yet even more, various energy techniques. Besides this, I am an Animal Intuitive, artist/painting instructor, and a Young Living Essential Oils distributor. I offer remote Reiki energy sessions for people and pets.

From February, 1996 to April, 2003 I worked as a stockbroker at a small Princeton, NJ firm. I volunteered with the pet rescues out of New Orleans, La. after Katrina giving many animals there Reiki (Horse in photo above with bandaged eyes)*. I also worked as a veterinary technician and wildlife rehabilitator for about 13 years. For 5 years I managed a small boarding kennel in Belle Mead, NJ where I offered Reiki to our over night guests. I have been working with humans and their pets since 2002.


* Katrina horse story- If you are wondering what a horse with bandaged eyes under that flynet has to do with Reiki, he was a client while I was volunteering with the pet rescues out of New Orleans after Katrina. It was late in the day, I’d been working with the dogs for about 10 hours, so decided to take a break and walk around for a bit. I came across this horse standing at the far end corner of his stall, with eyes completely bandaged. I put my hands up between the bars of his stall and decided to beam him some Reiki. He turned around and made a B-line right towards me. When he got to me he lowered his head, putting his bandaged eyes right in the palms of my hands, while I was sending the Reiki. I found that pretty amazing. I felt honored that he trusted in me so.

Also, short comment on Kwan Yin photo. Because I have been asked about this photo I thought I’d post this here. I know Kwan Yin, Quan Yin, Guan Yin, Kuan Yin is most known as a Buddhist Bodhisattva of compassion, but she actually was (is) originally a Hindu Bodhisattva. Originally this Bodhisattva was known as Avalokitasvara, diety of compassion and healing. As Buddhism arose from Hinduism they kept this compassionate diety but translated the name into Chinese, Guanshiyin. This later became Guan Yin, Quan Yin… The name spelling is based on geographical location and translation. If anyone was curious about that photo, here’s the explanation.


Suzanne contact: suzanne@reikichicktraining.com