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Hi, For those of you who follow me on facebook, you know that my dearest little Sahmay (kitty) passed away 4/30th. Eighteen months ago a vet had told me she had maybe 1 month left to live due to cancer.
Well, I brought her home and began giving at least an hour of Reiki/Energy to her daily.
Her health soon returned. The cough she had disappeared. Within 9 months the 6 tumors in her breasts were now just 3. By the Fall of 2010 she only had 2 tumors. 
Then Christmas Day 2010. One tumor on her breast opened up. I immediately started her on essiac tea, and Vit.C besides the daily Reiki sessions.
By Jan 2011 the wound seemed to be drying up-Healing. She still acted normally, playing, jumping, eating and being her loving self.
Then February came. She suddenly lost alot of weight. I immediately switched to another remedy-Cantron (along with her daily Reiki).
She again seemed to be doing better even gained a bit of weight. She never appeared to be in any pain. She never lost her appetite  til Fri. 4/29. It appeared that her kidneys were shutting down. I had seen this many times in my years as a vet. tech.
Frequent, uneventful trips to the liter pan. Sat 4/30 she appeared bloated. I told her that if fighting to bring her physical body back  into perfect health was too much for her, she could go.
I told her not to “hang on” just for me, that I’d be ok. I just didn’t want her to suffer.Five hours later while laying on the lap of my mother. She licked her hand, giving her a kiss, laid her head down and left this World. I was right there next to her.
I miss her greatly, but take comfort in knowing that we had an extra 17 wonderful months together.
Love & Blessings

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