The third level of Reiki is known as the Master level. Contrary to what you may have heard, traditionally there are only three levels in Reiki. Reiki Master is the highest term traditionally used in Reiki for one who’s completed all three levels. Traditionally, it was taught that the third or Master level was to heal on the Spiritual level.

Now just because you have become a Reiki Master, it by no means, means that you’ve nothing else to learn. Quite the contrary. What it implies is that you are continually working on bettering yourself and how you deal with all that life tosses your way. You could say that at this level you have built up knowledge to refer to when needing to deal with otherwise difficult situations.

Being a Reiki Master refers to one who practices regularly on finding that still point within, inner peace and a sense of grace, regardless of outside circumstance. You could also say that it refers to one who has learned to take personal responsibility for all that is happening in and around their lives. It does not mean that difficult times will never arise, but it gives you the strength and tools to deal in a positive way during these times.

It is also at this level that you learn to teach and attune others.

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