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 Have you read Jason & Skye Mangrum's 
"Uberman" book yet? If not, I URGE you click the following link 
and take a look.
The book's tagline is 'Almost Superhuman' because after you read 
it--that's exactly what OTHER PEOPLE will think you are!
It contains some WEIRD and slightly controversial stuff like...
* How to turn yourself or a friend into an instant "lie detector"- 
this misunderstood technique can be performed by anyone, 
anywhere at anytime...
* How you can influence another person's strength,without ever 
touching them.
* A 'deceptively simple secret' that's like giving yourself 
"admin" access to the command prompt of your mind... and then 
gives you commands you can use to begin influencing physical 
* How to cure any addiction... once you learn this,no substance, 
concept, idea or experience can ever be attached to you again, 
unless you want it.
* Plus a ton of other material I can not even begin to discuss 
in a short blog post like this. 
All practical, step-by-step stuff you can put to work right away 
to get near immediate results.
Check it out...
Material Connection Disclosure: I have an affiliate relationship to the provider of 
goods and services mentioned in this post and may be compensated when you 
purchase. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services 
from anyone via the Internet or offline. The tips and ideas I share are based on what’s 
worked for me or friends/colleagues and are not based on your specific circumstances. 
They may or may not work for you.


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